Your English School

Who We Are?

We are a small English school, located just few minutes from Camden Town and King’s Cross. By using the Callan teaching method, we provide our students with a fast and funny learning experience that doesn’t fall into the usual boring schemes. With a pluriannual experience in the education field, our mission is to offer you the best experience with the lowest possible price.

Have Fun Learning

At Y.E.S. we are convinced that learning cannot go hand in hand with boredom. For this we use the Callan Method, which allows a constant stimulation of the student, with questions and answers aimed at teaching the language in an interactive and engaging way. Our teachers have the mission of teaching English effectively while keeping the interest of the class alive. But to learn a new language, it is not enough to study in the classroom, which is why Y.E.S. regularly organizes social events to allow all our students to spend time in company, having fun and practicing their English outside the school.

Why Are We Different?

At Y.E.S. you will find far more than just an English course.
The difficulties of everyday life, combined with the lack of knowledge of the new language, may seem insurmountable obstacles and end up making us feel isolated and excluded.
For this reason, our intent is to provide our students with not only the opportunity to learn English quickly, but also to have a place to feel at home with people who are always available to provide guidance and practical help.
Our receptionists will be available to our students at all times, to help them and support them in the difficulties they might face.

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